Golfstat Part II – 2016 Overall Results

For me the 2016 golf season is over.  I don’t like playing when the temperature gets below 10 degrees celsius so its time to pack away the clubs and recap what happened in 2016.

Before I get to the 2016 data here is a brief overview of my handicap numbers for the last couple of years:

End of season handicap factor    2014 – 4.5,  2015 – 3.8,  2016 – 4.5

As indicated in an earlier post I entered  my scores into the Golf Canada Handicap System using the hole by hole format, and I added a few basic stats, those being, number of putts and fairways hit.

Based on that the system generated considerable data.  The first screen shot shows the results for  “all courses”  while the second and third screen give the results for Bridges and Wildewood the two courses where I play the majority of my games this year.

(You can click on the screenshot to enlarge them for easier reading.)

All Courses  






In subsequent posts I will attempt to interpret the data and determine  if and how it can be used to direct practice, approaches on the course and hopefully overall game improvement.

2 thoughts on “Golfstat Part II – 2016 Overall Results

  1. Manny Schulz

    Very interesting Menno.

    In looking to find apple to apple comparisons, I examined our Wildewood numbers and compared your 2016 detailed Wildewood stats versus my 2015 Wildewood stats (I did not play at Wildewood enough during 2016 to create a large enough sample size). In 2015, my Wildewood numbers were: birdies or better 9.6%, pars 56.3%, bogies 27.0%, others 7.1%. Putts per round: 31.1 or 1.7 per hole. GIR: 51.3%. Scrambling: 35.8%. Bounce Backs: 65.4%. Par Performance: par 3 = 3.3, par 4 = 4.4, and par 5 = 5.1.


    1. Menno Zacharias

      The numbers are indeed interesting as our numbers are virtually identical in all categories. I suppose that explains why our handicaps are very similar.


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