Can’t Afford a Trackman


Over the past several years there have been a number of very sophisticated golf launch monitors introduced to the market.  The problem is that the high-end monitors such as Trackman, Flightscope and Foresight  are in the  $15,000 to $25,000 range.   They are not intended for the consumer market but rather are directed at golf pros and teaching facilities.

More recently though several companies have come up with launch monitors that target the every day golfer.  They  do many of the same things as they super expensive models at a more modest price.

Flightscope for example has come up with the “MEVO”.

The MEVO provides data in 5 categories, ball seed, club speed, launch angle, spin rate and carry.  There is an app that display the data on your cell phone of tablet.


Another option is the Ernest Sports ES14 Pro.

This unit offers a wide range of statistical information including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate & distance. When combined with the free ES14 App, users have the ability to dig even deeper into their shot analysis with features such as audible feedback, club averages, and a skills challenge.


A third option the Voice Caddie SC300

This unit measures carry distance, smash factor, launch angle, apex and swing speed.   The unit itself has an excellent display and the results can also be displayed on your own personal device using an app.  


There are minor variations in terms of the data/feedback each of these units provides and whether the data is provided based on actual reading or computer algorithms.

The prices are very similar. All three are in the $600-$700 range.

I am not in a position to comment on the Mevo or the SC300 in terms of how they actually perform.

In terms of the Ernest Sports ES14 Pro I can as I purchased one recently.  One of the reasons I selected the ES14 is that it has both forward and rear looking radars which means that more of the data is based on actual readings as opposed to calculations based on algorithms.  The unit is very easy to set up, the free app works flawlessly and the data provided is very accurate.

I’m currently using the device to work on my launch angle and  spin rate, especially with the  driver, to optimise  distance.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Afford a Trackman

  1. Con Gislason

    Hey Menno …… who would ever have thought that such technology would ever be available to the average, low handicap golfer. I will be interested to hear your conclusions as the year goes on!


    1. Menno Zacharias

      I’ve been putting the unit through its paces and with a lot of research and effort had been able to alter my driver swing somewhat. The result is that the units shows greater distance at the same swing speed due to a better launch angle and lower spin rate. Thus far I’m optimistic as to its value.


  2. Nick

    Trackman is sooo not necessary. Not sure how Tiger, Jack, Hogan and all the other top players of even today became good without it. So it’s supposedly the most accurate. Other slightly less expensive (but still expensive) systems claim there is no difference. If there is, it’s so minimal does it really matter? Tour players employ all three. and they only use them for 3 specific reasons. Club fitting, carry distance in different conditions from tournament to tournament …day to day, and dialing in various yardages with the wedges. Any of these systems can help in getting fit for proper clubs however to own one individually as a means to play better golf? Nonsense. Let them gouge the manufacturers with their ridiculous pricing justified by extra data you’ll never need. Most golfers would be best to learn ball flight laws and movement patterns (body & club)that cause them. Borrowed one lately for a week for a student. Used it once, and left it at home. Unnecessary distraction device while practicing. If one is to get an expensive piece of technology, boditrak would be far superior. Pressure and weight distribution during the swing are major keys to better ball striking. Mevo + would be a better device for most. Still use it sparingly. They’re not needed with every practice session. Learn to play golf and get your attention away from the phone. It takes a very narrow focus to apply and feel movements. Every time you place your focus on results by looking at your phone, it can take many minutes to return to such narrow directed focus, a focus required to practice and play optimally.


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