The Winnipeg/Manitoba Senior Putter Leagues

The Jimmy Doyle Senior Putter League

Know as ‘Senior Putter’ the Jimmy Doyle Senior Putter League is what Mundie Putter players graduate to once they either cannot, or no longer are interested in  playing in the Mundie Putter League.

As the name ‘Senior Putter’ suggests players are required to be 55 years of age or older.  Matches are conducted at a more dignified time (1:30 in the afternoon) compared to Mundie Putter where the last teams at times finish in the dark, especially early in the golf season.

The League consists of 10 member clubs;  St Charles, Glendale, Southwood, Niakwa, Elmhurst, Pineridge, Rossmere, Breezy Bend, St. Boniface and Bel Acres.

Each club is represented by three two-man teams and the scoring system is the same as Mundie Putter, one point if you win the front, one point for the back and one point for the overall 18.

Play differs from the Mundie Putter League in that the matches are played at stroke play.  That means at least one member of each team must finish the hole.  Matches usually go right to the 18 hole due to the fact that you can gain multiple strokes on one hole.  You could be two or three strokes down going into the 18th hole and still have a chance to tie or even win.

The top four teams in the standings at the end of the season get into the playoffs.

The Central Senior Putter League

The Central Senior League consists of both Winnipeg-based and rural golf clubs. Like the Jimmy Doyle League it is restricted to golfers 55 years of age and older. At the present time the League has 15 member clubs.  They are: Wildewood, Assiniboine, John Blumberg, Transcona, Larters, Selkirk, Meadows, Oakwood Steinbach, South Interlake, Portage, Carman,  Winkler, Minnewasta, and a new addition for 2016, Bridges.

The matches are played on Mondays at 9:30 in the morning and are preceded by breakfast at the host club.  The format is four ball match play.  Each club is represented by three  two-man teams.  The scoring system is the same as the other two Leagues with a total of three points up for grabs in each match.

The team that generates the most points through the regular schedule is the League winner.  There are no play-offs.

The season is ended with a  wind-up event that is hosted by one of the member clubs.

End note

Over the past twenty-five years I have participated in the Mundie Putter League as well as the two Senior Putter Leagues.  The players in all  three Leagues display a high level of sportsmanship and camaraderie.  The Mundie Putter League, which has no age restriction attracts good young players and is the most competitive of the Leagues.

The Jimmy Doyle League because it is based on stroke play is in my view is the most difficult as, if both teams members have a ‘blow up’ on the same hole it is much more difficult to recover from.

I would urge all Winnipeg/Manitoba golfers to consider competing in one of the three Leagues if they are able.  It is just a down right enjoyable experience.

DeChambeau leads after first round in Abu Dhabi

Bryson DeChambeau shot an opening round 64 in the first round of the HSBC Championship on the 7600 yard  Abu Dhabi Golf Club course.

With 9’s of 32/32 that included a bogie 7 birdies and an eagle DeChambeau would appear to be at the top of his game.

In their morning coverage the Golf Channel barely mentioned his name despite the fact he’s leading the tournament.

The American golf establishment is slow to embrace DeChambeau based partially on his unorthodox approach to the game.  This wing is different, his clubs are different, and his attitude is different.

The single length irons he uses do not comply with the status quo in terms of what the golf industry see as the norm for golf clubs.

Virtually no golf instructor of any note teaches the single plane swing

Lastly, most young golfers are trying to emulate other successful golfers on the tours and for the most part tend to look like clones in terms of their swings (with a few exceptions like Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson and a few others).  Bryson is going his own way, trying to come up with a better mouse trap, and it seems that for him at least its working.

I wish him well in the last 3 rounds.