Kirkland Signature Wedges


Costco, under the brand name Kirkland is edging its way deeper into the golf market.  First, in 2016 there was the Kirkland Signature golf ball, then the KS1 putter that featured a milled face and adjustable weights.

Both the Kirkland golf ball and putter quickly sold out quickly when the arrived at Costco warehouses.

With their success with golf balls and putters it was only a matter of time until Costco delved further into the golf market.

Just recently Kirkland Signature wedges were added to the USGA conforming clubs list, a sure indicator that Kirkland wedges are on the way.

The wedges will be cast, constructed from 8620 (soft) carbon steel. The set of wedges will feature tradition lofts 60 degree (L), 56 degree (S) and 52 degree (G).  They will be 35 inches in length and feature True Temper wedge shafts.  They will not be available in graphite and will only be available in right handed models.  The wedges will feature milled face technology.

It is not known at this time when the wedges will be avaialble but they should be ready for the 2021 golf season.

It is expected that the price will be in the range of $160.00 (USD) for the set.  At $53.00 (USD) each that represents a real discount when compared to wedges produced by major equipment manufactures.