Introducing the “Windcard”

Let me start out by asking a question:  do you ever hit the ball over the back of the green when you are hitting into a strong wind?  Me neither.  There is a reason for that.  Most golfers underestimate the loss of yardage a headwind causes and overestimate the assistance a tailwind provides.

Many studies have been conducted (some more scientific than others) into the effect of wind on the flight of the golf ball.  Some have concluded that for every mile per hour of wind you will gain (or lose) one yard.   Some suggest you should add one club to what you would normally hit for every 10 mph of wind.  Others argue that you should concentrate on changing your swing and hitting knock down shots into the wind to lessen the negative effect.  These suggestions all have some merit.

The problem is that when you are out on the course competing either against your buddies, yourself, or the course, the last thing you want to do is a bunch of calculations.  You’ve got enough on your mind.

After extensive research and hands on testing I have devised an aid for golfers who play in windy conditions.  I’m calling it the ‘Windcard”.   The Windcard provides an estimate of how far a well hit ball will travel both when hitting into a headwind or when assisted by a tailwind.

The first column on the card (in 10 yard increments) represents  the club you would normally hit a specific distance in calm conditions.  So the “100” represents the club you normally hit if you were 100 yards from the pin.   The second column estimates how far the ball will travel if you hit that club into a 10 mph/16 kph headwind; column three a 20 mph/32 kph wind; and column four estimates how far the ball will travel if you hit that club into a 30 mph/48 kph headwind.

The reverse side of the card does the same for shots hit with a tailwind.

The card is printed on heavy plastic stock and has the size and consistency of a normal credit card.  You can carry it in your wallet or pocket while playing or clip it on the card holder on your golf cart.  The costs is only $3.00 including shipping and handling.  

Update: Use of the Windcard does not violate the Rule of Golf and is legal for tournament play.


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