The Mundie Putter Golf League

The Mundie Putter Golf League is a competitive amateur  league that has run continuously in Winnipeg since 1957.  The League consists of an ‘A’ Division and a ‘B’ Division.

The ‘A’ Division is the premier division and teams move up or down between divisions based on performance. The top 3 teams in ‘B’ division move up to the ‘A’ Division and the bottom 3 teams in ‘A’ Division move down to ‘B’ Division on an annual basis.

The competition is played using the four ball format at match play.  Each team is represented by 8 players, and matches are played on Mondays.  Upon conclusion of the regular schedule, playoffs are held to determine a champion.

At the present time the League consists of 16 teams, 15 teams each representing a Winnipeg golf club and a team that consists of elite Junior players.  The 15 Clubs currently in the League are:

Breezy Bend, Glendale, Bel Acres, Selkirk, Larters, Pineridge, Elmhurst, St. Boniface, Niakwa, Transcona, Rossmere, Wildewood, Southwood, Assiniboine, St. Charles.

The 2015 League Championship was won by Breezy Bend.

Over the 59 year history of the League the competition has been dominated by Elmhurst with 23 wins, followed by Breezy Bend and Niakwa with 9, St. Charles with 5, Southwood and Pine Ridge with 4, the MGA Juniors with 3, and St,Boniface and Rossmere with 1 win each.

Scores for the Mundie Putter League are posted on the Mundie Putter website.


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