Pinhawk Single Length Irons – Performance Update

In a previous post I promised to provide an update on the performance of my Pinhawk single length irons once the grass was green and the birds were singing. Well the grass isn’t really green yet but like a true Manitoba golf nut, despite the cold and windy weather, I’ve already completed my first 10 rounds of golf.

All 10 rounds have been played using the Pinhawk single length irons.

By way of comparison, my scoring average for the first 10 rounds is 2.9 strokes lower than last year.  It is however not a true apples to apples comparison in terms of equipment as not only did I change my irons I also replaced my driver, a hybrid and my putter.

However all that being said my first impressions are very positive.  I am hitting the single length irons straighter than I did my conventional length irons.  The ball contact is solid, the flight trajectory is good and the distance control is excellent.

I have been tracking the distances on my clubs and as of right now (in cold weather conditions and using a low compression ball) these are the distances I’ve been hitting the irons:

LW           85

SW          95

GW          105

PW          115

9I            125

8I            135

7I            145

6I            155

5I            165

4H          180


These distances are not spot on accurate but are based on using a laser range finder where possible and pacing yardages.  The gaps between clubs is excellent and although the distances are somewhat less than with my conventional set of irons I think once the weather warms up and I start using better quality (higher compression) balls the distances will improve.  I am very optimistic in terms of matching my usual distances with my conventional length clubs.

When I first started writing about the single length iron concept I received an offer from one of the golf professionals at a local golf course to test the clubs on Flightscope.  Once I get more used to playing with the Pinhawks and the weather warms up I will be availing myself of that offer and reporting the results.

In the meantime, I’m off to Bridges to play my first round of golf on that course this season.

5 thoughts on “Pinhawk Single Length Irons – Performance Update

  1. allysycip

    Great read. Please continue to update. I too have gone on the single length quest. But I had to make my set. Cheers


  2. Sorry, i commented too soon on your first post about these-I should have taken the time to read this update first! It will be interested to see the flightscope stuff if you get time.

    How are you finding trajectory? I find that I do hit them all very high (not just the short irons) but obviously shaft is going to play a role there.


  3. It’s been a year since you posted this and I noticed in a later post that you switched back to an older set of irons which didn’t solve your issue — which was putting I believe, a struggle for us all 🙂 I’m curious whether you decided to go back to the single length irons or not. If not, have you considered trying any of the other brands’ single length irons?


    1. x

      I probably will go back to the single length irons at some point this season. I’ve tried a set of the Sterling ironss and am looking forward to trying a set of the clubs Dechambeau is endorsing. Just a matter of finding someone who has a set and is willing to let me try them as I’m not prepared to buy them just to try them. In an overall sense although I like the concept of single length irons they have not to this point resulted in a significant improvement in my overall game.


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