Dechambeau’s First Masters

With three rounds of even par 72, and one round of 77  Dechambeau completed his first Masters tied for 21st. place.  His score of +5 was good enough to earn him low amateur honours .
Pictured below are the irons he ended up playing at the Masters.
DeCambeau Masters irons 1 (1)

Many amateurs would not be caught dead playing with a set of irons that look like the irons Bryson Dechambeau used at the Masters this week.

Granted, they are not the prettiest irons I’ve ever seen but more and more I’m coming to the realization that appearance is far less important than performance.

For many of us who are interested in the single length iron and single plane swing concepts, the Master finally provided us with an opportunity to have a good look at Bryson’s clubs and more importantly, his swing.

I still marvel at how accurately, and how far he is able to hit the ball with such and upright swing.  I’ve included links to a number of videos from the Masters that display his swing action from different angles.  Make particular note of his right arm to shaft position even with his longer clubs.  They provide and excellent example of the single plane swing setup.


Here are some links to video’s of Dechambeau at the Masters

2 thoughts on “Dechambeau’s First Masters

  1. kim GERARD

    thanks for the videos – of course I watched a lot of the Masters – Jordan Spieth made his quadruple bogey on a par 3 (twice in the water – just like I did in our French championship tournament last month…!!
    With the single length irons one must lose a bit of “touch” with the wedging – but Dechambeau’s performance will definitely get golfers at least ‘thinking” differently. Very interesting… for the manufacturers of clubs …. and the evolution of golf Keep up the good blogs Kim


  2. kim GERARD

    thanks for the videos – the single length irons must eliminate the “touch” in the wedging , but obviously it works …interesting to see the evolution in the making of clubs…. Dechambeau’s clubs look a little “hooked” in the picture…
    Jordan Spieth looked like he saw a ghost at the horrible end of his Masters…… he made the same mistake as I did in our French Championship – quadruple bogey on a par 3 (twice in the water -) a good lesson I guess – even for the best players…… Keep up the good blogs Kim


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